Hi guys we’ve been doing some writing about my two week break.
We had to write It down on a A3 piece of paper, so just to share here is my work.
                                                                                            MY HOLIDAYS
At the start of Easter I was amazed at how many Easter eggs were on the floor even in cupboards, me my brother and my mum decided to have
a Easter egg hunt. I found a lot of eggs, I found the mother load of eggs in the garage.

When I woke up I realized there hardly any food at all so I told mum if we could
Shopping we went to the long way to the shop because the short way had traffic
We had to get a lot of things like pet food.
I am focusing on putting more  punctuation in my writing.

What did you do on your Easter break?

Did you have a great holiday?

photo credit: Cathy G via photopin cc